Join Dawn in her office in Waverly, NY for a private intuitive reading. This session includes: an aura reading, numerology, and Arch Angel card reading. You will have an opportunity to ask questions. Dawn will also channel and convey messages from loved ones in spirit. You’re more than welcome to bring photos or objects to be read. Dawn will never predict a major event in your or your families lives like death or divorce. She will glance through your DNA ancestry history to validate and future health concerns you should be aware of. This is to help raise your awareness for future health issues, not to program fear.

Please keep in mind the length of your session, and try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Dawn does not record the sessions. However, you may record your own with your smartphone or recording device of your choice. Only one person is allowed in a session at a time unless arrangements have been made was with Dawn prior to the appointment.

If you would like to purchase a reading for someone else, you can purchase here and a gift certificate will be sent out immediately.

30 minute session: $80
60 minute session: $150


For those who just have a few simple questions, allow Dawn to give you guidance via email. Questions may vary from health, career, love life, and mediumship. Email readings are only limited to three questions. Dawn will give you a detailed email reading including any insight she receives through or Angel Tarot cards.

It is not necessary to correspond with Dawn during your email reading. The time slot ensures the necessary time for her to respond to your three questions. Please email your three questions to this email address dawnkrug6@gmail

$50 for three questions


Dawn will do a large or small tarot card reading for you in office or over the telephone  (or skype).

$25 for a small reading
$50 for a large session


Dawn offers private in-home parties or fundraisers. These parties are ONLY held within a 25-mile radius of Waverly, New York.

Private parties are as follows;

There is an 8-guest minimum, no more than 12 guests please. The fee is; $75/person for a 20-minute private reading in the comfort of your home. For privacy, Dawn prefers to read each guest in a quiet area away from everyone. (don’t forget the tissues!!!)

The hostess will receive a free reading if the minimum number of guests are present (this makes her the 9th guest). If not, the hostess will be required to pay for her reading session also. You and your guests will be read privately, not as a group. Guests may bring pictures and objects to be read, Dawn does not record these private sessions.

Gallery Sessions are available and limited to 10 guests at $75 per person. This type of party is generally only for family members who choose to connect as a group with a loved one or loved ones in spirit. This is not for the general psychic party where everyone is read privately. For Gallery parties, everyone meets together as a group for messages from Spirit.

20 minute sessions


Let Dawn cleanse your home or business of any residual energy prohibiting it from being a healthy, profitable environment. Generally this takes just and hour, and additional $25/ fifteen minutes for additional time.

Travel rates apply for anything over 50 miles.

$120 per hour


Hypnotherapy, or therapeutic hypnosis, is defined as a altered state of consciousness, usually involving Relaxation, in which a person develops patent concentration on the particular area or image for the purpose of maximizing potential in one or more areas of your life.

With Dawns help you can beat and have a better understanding to anxiety issues, medical issues, false fear karma (past lives), life coaching, and how to cope with stress in more productive ways.

Many of Dawns clients are finding themselves tapping more and more into their spiritual selves. Allow Dawn to help you create a link between you and your spirit guide.

– Find out your life path
– Life lessons
– Release any karmic debt you may have.

Past life regression’s will also give you a better understanding of:

– Seeing personal relationships in a new light
– Energize talents and abilities from the past
– Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas
– Release past life traumas at the root of physical problems
– Experience the transitional states of death and beyond
– Understand and align with life purpose

We are all born with the knowledge that we may not have tapped into. This is is buried deep within our cells of our soul. Past life regression’s will show you lifetimes of which you may have had characteristics or traits of the current lifetime that you’re in.

$80 – $120 per session


Dawn will come to your home and work with both you and your pets. This rate if for any clients within a 50 mile radius.

Generally this takes just and hour, and additional $25/ fifteen minutes for additional time. Travel rates apply for anything over 50 miles.

$120.00 per hour


Dawn will guide and encourage you while on your soul path with her spiritual mentorship or life coaching. She will teach you, guide you, and hold you accountable for your actions and reactions. Many times life is better understood backwards than forwards. Dawn encourages and directs you towards your future and helps you let go of the past.
Dawn will also help you raise your spiritual vibration, and teach you to use your intuition while guiding you on your spiritual path. This is also for teaching the basics on enhancing and trusting your intuition.

$120.00 55 minute session
$60.00 30 minute session


Dawn can remotely tap into your home and clear the space of any negative Energies or spirits that are disturbing it. Email Dawn with a detailed description of the hauntings or problems with the energy in your home, and she will remotely cleanse the energies and create more peace in your space. Dawn will also give you advice on how to prevent future problems and how to keep your home with a positive energy.

$75 Per Hour

“I’m still shocked about my reading tonight at T S’s home in Waverly, NY. I’m hoping to meet up with again in the near future.”

~ D.S.

“Thank you so much for getting my energy moving and kick-starting my internal work for the upcoming year.  You are a blessing and I am forever grateful.”


“Dawn has been wonderful with my daughters and I would definitely recommend her. Dawn’s abilities are fascinating to me and her insight has been a tremendous help to our family!”

~ Kris