Dawn doesn’t need ‘degrees’ to be the great intuitive spirit she is. I just took the 21 Days of Self Love Meditation and she knows her stuff!!!!!! The 21 days were filled with guided meditation, positive coaching, journaling in a new way that made me think and much more. My private session with Dawn earlier this year was filled with insightful, intuitive, and psychic answers as well as some serious coaching on how I proceed in life. Learning about forgiveness, positivity, and self-worth are valuable lessons I’ve received from Dawn. She is AWESOME!!!!! Dawn is the 7th Intuitive/Psychic I’ve seen this past decade. Dawn and Lisa Williams are the only two that brought me great insight, correct spirit information and real answers. I would highly recommend her!

A.M, Watkins Glen, NY

Dawn you are so blessed to have this special gift from God and so special to help others heal! Myself I have a hard time keeping my mind from racing. I do know this meditation is helping me to see life clearer..Feeling less fearful of my everyday living and being more aware of my actions! Turning not only my negativity into positive but when someone is being negative I do my best to turn it into a positive situation. I feel I’m becoming a better person on my outlook on my everyday actions. You are blessed! God Bless you! Keep on helping others because I believe you do this very well ❤️

S.S, Athens, Pa

Thank you so much for getting my energy moving and kick-starting my internal work for the upcoming year. I began manifesting immediately, received the Louise Hay book you recommended as an unexpected gift from a friend 2 days after my reading with you! I have also manifested the gift of not one, but 2 smart phones! I have been given immediate opportunities for communication and relationship healing with Michael and my daughter, Sarah. You are a blessing and I am forever grateful.


I just wanted to let you know my son started his new job, you told me he would have one by Sept., also my husband has appt this week with his Dr. He HAS been having a bit of pain in lower chest and upper arm. You saw that he may have heart issue.

Thank you for a great reading! I hope to book another:)

Sherry G

I’m still shocked about my reading tonight at T S’s home in Waverly, NY
I’m hoping to meet up with again in the near future.
I did also want to mention “K’s” reading. I sure hope she finds love as she has had her heart broken a few times 🙁 She just wants happiness.
We both hope her future is good!

D. S.

About two years ago when my oldest daughter was 16 years old, she went through an extremely difficult time period. She was severely depressed and harmful to herself. After several counseling sessions that did nothing to help her, I contacted Dawn to meet with her. After meeting with Dawn a few times, my daughter became a new person. She was happy again and looking forward to her future. A few months ago, my youngest daughter, age 15, asked me if she could meet with Dawn because of a difficult time that she was experiencing. Dawn has been wonderful with my daughters and I would definately recommend her. She is always available for them and will answer any questions they have. Dawn’s abilities are fascinating to me and her insight has been a tremendous help to our family!


My mare had been lame for well over a year and a half when a friend at a horse show told me she’d consulted a pet psychic on her horse. While skeptical, I bit the bullet. What did I have to lose at this point? So the call went in to Dawn, who had grown up in my hometown and had horses throughout her life. Our schedules finally clicked and she came out to see my pony. As I’ve already said, I was a semi-skeptic and only relayed to Dawn my horse’s name, Miley, and that she had been lame for over a year. Dawn came into the barn and after being thoroughly sniffed over, started doing her “thing”.

She started by running her hands over Miley’s stomach and noting that her aura was off and she’d had tummy troubles; targeting that she’d had beet pulp over the winter and that made her tummy feel better. This was my first jaw drop of the day, since Miley had indeed had beet pulp over the winter when her teeth were floated. The second jaw drop happened when she proceeded to tell me that she’d had three foals in her life; we’d known she’d had at least one, but 3!? Dawn proceeded to read further and enlighten me on where the lameness was and told me that shoes will help, but she’ll never be 100% again, telling me that one of the babies she’d had before she was ready. When she started laughing, I had a big jaw drop. “Miley says she hates it when you get frustrated with her. It annoys her and she just wishes you’d go away when you’re mad at her.” Nail on the head right there! She told me of her love of children (something I was fully aware of, but not Dawn!) and why she didn’t feel like going on trail rides or picking up a lope.

We were finishing up, Dawn was getting a kick out of my reactions, which at this point were stammering and blinking, when she stood straight and announced “someone back there wants my attention”. I glanced over Miley and was surprised to see one of our horses, Berkley, standing at the gate. Berkley is one THE hardest horses on the property to catch and not always snuggley; people almost seem to bore him. But here he was, pounding at the gate and staring straight at Dawn. When she went over to him and touched him, she sighed. “Oh, he has fear,” she announced. “He has been afraid in his life. And he didn’t like a man where he was before. But he likes it here. And he’s tired…but not too tired. He says he has more miles to go.” Berkley had been sold to a family and had been brought back to the trainer who sold him because he had acted up so badly; especially with the father in the family, bucking him off and just acting out. We’d been using him successfully with our therapeutic riding students for months, but we had always been on the fence is he was enjoying his job. If seeing my Miley react to Dawn wasn’t enough to make me have faith, seeing her with Berkley, a horse she had no intention or idea she’d be interacting with, and reading him so accurately definitely set my mind racing. A year after Dawn has come out, Miley is still going soundly and happier than she has been. I have come away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of my horse, which has helped me work more closely with her and build a stronger foundation. I would never hesitate to go through this with her again. 🙂


“I’m still shocked about my reading tonight at T S’s home in Waverly, NY. I’m hoping to meet up with again in the near future.”

~ D.S.

“Thank you so much for getting my energy moving and kick-starting my internal work for the upcoming year.  You are a blessing and I am forever grateful.”


“Dawn has been wonderful with my daughters and I would definitely recommend her. Dawn’s abilities are fascinating to me and her insight has been a tremendous help to our family!”

~ Kris